Screamway: Chicks and Pricks


Last night I shared an article on the Screamway facebook page about women in metal, and I thought I’d share my opinion in regards to the common misconception that women in metal bands are whores.

It annoys me considering so many of these women don’t dress particularly scantily, compared to when we look at the mainstream pop artists that the corporate music industries are forcing down the throats of young people, The lack of clothing that a majority of big name “artists” are clad in is viewed as “sexy” or “artistic” and in no way slutty. I wonder how they are viewed as acceptable role models to young girls whereas these other women are branded as sluts? What is the difference?

We all know sex sells right? And now with music being as much about the visual as it is about the audio, viewers are treated to the whole package of a performance, whether live or over the internet, and the less clothing, the bigger the audience, because I mean, who doesn’t want to see a bit if skin now and again?? But knowing this, why is it judged as morally wrong when these women are putting on a performance intended to make people look? It says nothing about their actions or morals. And why is it ok for women to prance around in their underwear (or what looks like it should be underwear!!) but it isn’t ok for them to wear leather or ripped jeans??

I could go on but now I’m just rambling, but I think if you’re going to take anything away from this little rant of my jumbled thoughts, it’s this: why is it ok for mainstream musicians to be semi naked but when alternative musicians do similar they are seen as sluts?

The original article from the Maters of Metal website is here


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