Sean and Shane’s Rules of Love



With Bree resting her wisdom teeth, Sean and Shane took the opportunity to have a man to man talk about the love game.
Through biased personal opinion and no scientific justification at all, Shane and Sean dispel the myths and debunk the dos and don’t’ s of dating.
Without further ado Get Cereal Presents:
The Rules of Love
1.  Wait until the day after before adding someone on Facebook. Nothing worse than looking too eager.
2. Wait 2 days before calling to ask someone out.
3.Whoever does the asking out, should offer to pay for dinner. To be polite, the date-ee should offer to pay their share, the asker should then reply with “I got it”
4.If you would like someone to offer you their jacket, you MUST do a fake shiver or complain about the cold.
5.If you have stayed at someone’s house more than five times in two weeks, you are entitled to leave a toothbrush there.
……If you can think of more rules to add to the list, don’t be afraid to add them via comment! or on our Facebook!


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