Season 4 Radio Schedule

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Tune into the next 10 weeks of SYN’s dynamic and diverse radio programming.

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Stick to your favourite flagships, welcome back some returning voices, and discover the new seasonal programs joining us on the grid!


Lime Juice Sundays 4-5pm
A lifestyle show, unpacking all things mental health, wellbeing and spirituality. Join Helena as she presents tips and tricks on finding and maintaining that zest for life.

Sampled Tuesdays 9-10am
One for the music makers and the sample suckers, Crystal is digging into the songs behind the songs. Tune in to and learn about the iconic tracks which have been cut, pulled, slowed, and sped to create new life in modern music.

Tamil In Melbourne Saturdays 7-8pm
The hottest Tamil radio show in Melbourne, hosted by Thirumagal & Varun. Each week they unpack all of the idiosyncratic characteristics of being a new Tamil Melbournian as a 1st generation migrant and international student between the melodies & bangers from MSV to DnA and Tamil Pop Culture. Show Language: Tamil, Tanglish

The Flashback, Wednesdays 4-5pm
An ode to her second-hand copy of the psych rock magazine of the same name, Caitlin will be presenting to listeners the range of rare albums and artists she discovers in the book’s highly annotated pages (thanks to a very knowledgeable previous owner).

This Could Be A Movie Sundays 10-11am
Have you ever heard a song and thought that song would fit perfectly into a movie? This show is all about that. Each week Finn creates the perfect soundtrack around a different film genre using songs that haven’t – yet – been used in movies.

Three Corners Wednesdays 8-9pm
An indulgence of culture and current affairs, Dom and Vince are set on bringing you the latest news and breaking headlines about… their own interests.


October 3rd 2022
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