Seasta Chani – Seasta Chani EP

It’s exciting to hear of any upcoming hip-hop artists in Australia. It’s a million times more exciting more exciting when this artist is female.
Female rappers are sadly lacking, especially in Australian hip-hop. But Seasta Chani is here with her first self-titled release and gives hope to her fellow sisters in the rap game.
Seasta Chani is a Perth-based emcee, and her homeland pays heavy influence to her sound. Her upfront and sassy rhymes are focused on Western Australia, with one track even titled “G’Day From W.A.” She’s been around the traps for over seven years now, and was originally playing with her twin brother in Terijium. Now she is on her own, and is shaking up a few feathers.
The six-track EP Seasta Chani is an interesting combination of sounds, styles and vocals. 
The opening track, “Black Raven” exhibits Seasta’s soaring and sultry vocals in the chorus. This song also features the tightest rhymes on the EP: “Down into the depths I dodge nets of concepts.” The use of slide guitar is reminiscent of a 70s slow jam, and adds depth to Chani’s take on Australian hip hop, which can get a little repetitive with the samples and scratches.
Seasta Chani uses her tracks “No More” to discuss a heavier topic; it’s obvious she has “had enough” of the backstabbing, soldiering on and repercussions of actions. This track is one of the shortest, but again the chorus captures listeners with Chani’s slow-moving and sultry vocals. It would be good to hear a key change or have her step up the tonality in the chorus though to exhibit the passion she obviously takes in regards to this subject that she is rapping about. This would lift the track from lacklustre to attention-grabbing.
A catchy melodic loop is utilised on the once again passion-fuelled “G’Day from WA.” This track really reiterates the love and appreciation Seasta Chani has for her homeland. She uses this track to speak out on her opinions towards the problems that the state and city of Perth is suffering from. She “thought we were supposed to say G’day from W.A” rather than participating in racism, disrespect to elders and history, and the destroying of places for youth to relax and have fun. 
“Sweet Brown” is a real slow jammer, and the track with the most R&B feel to it. This track also just features rap verse on verse without a chorus break, which is also useful in breaking up the EP. 
Seasta Chani is a laidback hip-hop artist who has gone in her own direction with this album. Her personal influences such as empowerment to women, social issues and locality resonate through her music, and in all this EP is a testament to the artist she has become.  
by Jemima Lewis

April 26th 2012
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