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Serenity Now Week 8 Podcast – Transhumanism

Serenity Now!This is week 8 in our philosophical adventure and for those who missed our show, we get the opportunity to discuss and explore Transhumanism, what it is, is it a possible future for mankind. For those who don’t know what Transhumanism is, I think Jay’s introduction is an adequate description:As the world rapidly identifies itself with new technology and innovative advancement, we, the everyday man remain baffled by new design in cars, phones, gaming consoles and computing power. But, when will that technology require more cognitively proficient users? Will it get to the point where we don’t have the mental capacity to operate and control further technology. What is it that deals with answering these kinds of questions?! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Transhumanism: What is it? What does it mean? Transhumanism could be defined as the idea that Humans have reached their psychological and mental limit. We have reached a certain point of intelligence that is mostly unsurpassable. And, by the means of technology and scientific upgrades… we can press past and beyond these limits! While we think all scientists are busy with defeating disease and upgrading computer ram to be as fast as absolute possible, there are countless others dealing with Biotechnology, nanotechnology and experiments that deal with Consciousness transplants and even keeping a brain alive and functioning while outside the body. What we think of as Science Fiction: may soon be our reality. Listeners of SYN… i give you this weeks topic-Transhumanism!Not giving too much away, but check it out as the ethical dilemmas and breakthroughs of Transhumanism may be a reality in the future!Rivers and Jay


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