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Sex Scenes in Hollywood, Goodbye Cosmo, Pole Dancing & Labels – 28 October 2018

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This week on Naughty Rude, it’s James, Holly, Ruby & Dana with you for another week of the naughty and the rude!

Jamesplaining returns to ask ‘how do you meet people?’ and ‘how do you communicate?’ among many logical, complicated dating questions.

Holly says she likes the security of having a label in a relationship to know where they stand, but Dana has had a complicated experience sans-labels.

Ruby went off to a pole dancing class and spilled all, while we pondered if the sport has been unfairly sexualised.

Dana is outraged that a newly implemented practice to Hollywood keeping actors safe when performing sexual acts hasn’t been thought of sooner.

Plus, we bid adieu to Cosmopolitan magazine, our once ago go-to source for sex tips, as they shut up shop.

Ask us anything –!

October 28th 2018
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