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Last week on Science Fiction Vs. Science Fact we focused on flight and Speedsters and how well they fare in the battle with real science. 

 We started by looking at Superman and the different theories for how he flies. There are a few out there, from an extension of his strength to the difference in gravitation force between Earth and Krypton.
Superman first appeared in the anthology Action Comics #1, released in June 1938. In the early days Superman couldn’t actually fly, he just jumped really, really far (1/8th of a mile or 660ft/200m).
 Will humans ever be able to fly unaided a la Superman? Not unless physics decides that it has had enough and buggers off.

Next we looked at Warren Worthington III (Angel/Archangel, X-Men) as an example of winged flight. Worthington first appeared as Angel in X-Men Vol.1, #1 (1963) and as Archangel in X-Factor Vol.1 #24 (1988).
Angel’s wings have superhuman strength and are very flexible. He also has hollow bones and a greater proportionate muscle mass than normal, something very necessary for efficient flight.
If humans were to eventually evolve wings, the size necessary to support our bodies in their current form would be so huge that they would render flight extremely awkward and inefficient. Plus the muscles would need to be MASSIVE.


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