1700 Hosts

Most comprehensive and bite-sized autobiographies by your hosts!

We locked all the hosts into a tiny room with a pen and paper and no air-conditioning and told them that they couldn’t leave until they told us stuff about themselves. We got most of them to talk, but some managed to escape through the pre made hole where the air-conditioner was going to be installed the following week…

Charlie Cotton
In a world of patronising insincerity, it is just such an absolute honour to be a host of the 1700. My path to Channel 31 Superstardom started in Sunny Canberra where I went to the local Grammar school. There, I failed Maths so many times I can’t even count but I was very good at history…no wait…I wasn’t. One night I was visited by my Fairy Godmother and she offered me the choice of having either a long memory or dashing good looks…I forget what I chose. Recently I moved to Melbourne because all the cool kids were doing it and most of my time here I’ve spent trying to be totez indi3 on Brunswick st. I’m really looking forward to hosting seventeen-zero-zero because I’m really looking forward to it…

Minky Cooper
Hey there I’m Minky Cooper! Being the youngest host for season 4 I’m here to represent all the teenagers out there who appreciate decent music with mad lyrics! Between making short films about anything my random mind comes up with, using my oldschool video camera, and attempting to play piano without actually being able to read the sheet music, I spend my days at High School and on weekends you can find me as far away from school as physically possible! I’m also training at SYN radio and grasping opportunities wherever I can find them. Wherever I go, my IPod comes with me. On my playlist are a large variety of bands and music; special mentions to my absolute favourites: Metric and Bloc Party. Some of my secret pastimes include searching “people falling over” on YouTube, dancing around my room to Lady Gaga after having a shower and storing sneaky jars of Nutella in my strictly ‘no junk food’ household, then eating it out of the jar… sorry Mum and Dad! Peace x


Darcy Whitsed
Hailing from the snowiest of mountains, Darcy Whitsed, has no musical talent what-so-ever other than playing expert on guitar hero. Spoon-fed Triple J by his baby-boomer mother, he became an avid fan of the best Australian rock bands. Currently surviving on British India, Children Collide, Art Vs Science and toast, Darcy can be found ripping tickets, directing traffic and parking cars at music festivals all summer long.
After a short burst in a Chemistry degree, a slight u-turn proved Theatre Arts to be the final verdict. Darcy spends 85% of his week on public transport and 15% of his week eating $4 pizzas, but when rent time rolls around, Darcy reverts back to toast. Whether it be sweet breakfast marmalade, ham and cheese or tuna, Darcy has a toast recipe for all occasions and any time of day. Catch Darcy wearing a different white band t-shirt every Friday afternoon.

Felicia Byrne
You know what’s a funny word…earlobe…it’s, just, so, random! I dunno, but could you imagine if we didn’t have earlobes, or its fellow companion ear? I mean, there would be no music, and if there wasn’t any music then this show wouldn’t exist (-gasp-) and if this show didn’t exist then…well… I’d be still cleaning the toilets of my local take away shop…So I’m extremely appreciative of my ears and earlobes! So when I’m not admiring my earlobes and or my ears (or thinking of really random things), I generally treat them to the whimsical sounds of local gigs and festivals. Nothing bets a good ol’ night watching your favourite local band; the bands I’ve seen grow into international bands has been a very fond memory (I should probably thank my brain for remembering all those good times), however, don’t get me wrong the famous bands, are a TREAT but the smaller ones are always full of surprises. So join me! Look, write, cut-copy, and plan by viewing your local gigs guide and admire, appreciate and advocate your local bands. Your lobes and ears will no doubt thankyou…


Brad Guy
G’day everyone! I’m Brad Guy and yes I will name my child ‘Pretty fly for a white’. Gwen Stefani once told me to ‘take a chance you stupid hoe’ and I did. And here I am as a brand spanking new host of 1700! After being called ‘too bogan’ for Dating in the Dark, I finally met some Producers that actually laughed at my witty quips (still yet to work out if it was pity laughter).
I’m at the ripe old age of 19 and currently studying media at La Trobe Uni. So if you see me on campus, come have a chinwag and a decaf! When I am not dodging Marxism protestors you will find me bashing things, whether it be percussion or tennis balls. My musical kryptonite generally revolves around noise of a psychedelic nature that appeals to my inner hippie, such as Miami Horror, Bag Raiders, Cut Copy, Mark Ronson, Art Vs Science, and my main man John Butler.
My mission to become the next Ruby Rose begins right here every Wednesday arvo with Katie W so switch on your idiot box to get your daily dose of the best that youth community broadcasting has to offer.

Katie Winning
I have had a passion for acting for as long as I can remember so I take any oppurtunity to be in front of the camera. But to be able to talk about music and interview bands while being on live TV is definately a dream come true. I love getting a laugh and with my co-host Bradicals help I think we achieve that with our wacky outfits and witty minds. I couldn’t classify my music to a single genre but I really love anything I can sing, mosh, dance or tap my feet to. You can catch me at a festival crowd surfing and bringing one of those inflatable balls. Peace 🙂 <3


Sam Cremean
Sam is a sassy Melbourne local who can best be described as DFA (Down For Anything). From a young age he has been experimenting with digital media technologies, creating shameful parody videos, music clips, and cybertronic websites (modeling on the side to make a living) which lead him to undertake a Multimedia degree at Swinburne University which he is about to finish. Besides pretending to study, Sam spends his time at classy venues such as Shanghai Dumps House and surrounding laneways hanging out with other Melbournesque hipsters talking about arts and politics and things that happened on Top Model. After being headhunted by executive producers to host 1700 this season, Sam still has time to produce wicked beats and rhymes in his hip hop band ‘Camp Camp Revolution’ (check ’em out) and write Reality TV fan fiction as well. If he could have one thing in the world it would be his very own Pokemon.

Latoyah Forsyth
Oh hello! I’m Latoyah, unfortunately I am not related to the Jackson clan, however I do wish it were socially acceptable to don sequins and moonwalk as a mode of transport. Named after a deliciously tacky British pop starlet from the 80’s called Toyah Wilcox (thanks Mum), my adoration for hit and miss music was ingrained from a super young age when I experienced my first live gigs – being Bon Jovi at the impressionable age of 9 and KISS at the gullible age of 11! (Thanks Dad.) I am a gargantuan geek at heart with a love for all kinds of music. From Backstreet Boys to Brandon Flowers, David Bowie to The Dead Weather, INXS to Iron and Wine, Paolo Nutini to Placebo and well, you get this gist… There is no such thing as bad taste in music as long as you love music. See you Thursday!


Katie Wardley
After several failed efforts to play guitar and piano, Katie decided that maybe she should just talk about how lovely everyone else’s music is instead of listening to her own pathetic attempt of a virtuoso life. She enjoys serenading people in public, risky business dancing home alone and occupying a large space on the d-floor with her signature dance moves. She’ll be spending her life on road trips with the radio on, maybe be a part of some cabarets and being on charitable guys shoulders at festivals (she cannot see anything because she is a Smurf.) If she could meet any band it would be Kings of Leon because she has devoted four years of her life worshiping them way before Only by the Night and they would all re-enact the tiny dancer bus scene from Almost Famous, (she of course would be Penny Lane and Jarred Followill would be Russell Hammond.)

Harley Hefford
Harley Hefford is an enigmatic flower child with a penchant for shiny clothing and conversations about which of any two given animals might defeat the other were the two locked in a cage together. He enjoys music with good words, good beats or preferably both and particularly likes artists like Modest Mouse, Animal Collective, REM, Ben Folds, The Flaming Lips, The B52’s, The Mountain Goats and probably anything in between.