A lot of things happened during the 1900s. Felt like the damn century was never going to end. It did, though. Probably should have seen that coming. Though that’s what we’re like, us humans.

     As obvious as something may seem, we often find it difficult to notice what’s right in front of us: that we should be kind to each other, that we should look after our planet, that centuries have a habit of ending every hundred years or so.

     It is this knack for moronic obliviousness that leads people to repeat their mistakes, leading to untold spread of war, famine and miserable errors in simple calendar comprehension.

     We must examine our past if we are to control our future. The 20th century was in no way perfect, but we must remember its lessons should we wish to take charge of the 21st! If we do not take stock, look back at our past failures and successes, then we are doomed to watch ourselves and our descendants make the same errors, miss the same opportunities, make the same slightly embarrasing comments which forget about the instrinsically finite nature of the length of a century whilst writing radio show blurbs!


                             The horror! The horror!





19hundredandsomething is a radio show about the 20th century.