Films and TV shows are everywhere these days. Posters, advertisments, mobile devices. Hell, they’re even shown on television occasionally. But as always, radio gets its backside handed to itself with the short end of the stick. And if there’s one thing we hate at “35mm”, besides crude genital jokes, it’s getting rear ended with a short stick.
Join your introverted, pop-culture spewing hosts Timothy Clark and Chris Tyler as they delve into the celluloid cesspool, every Thursday at 12 noon.
With weekly lists, reviews and general discussions, “35mm” strives to be the best representation of quality out there. We’re like “Citizen Kane”, if we weren’t deathly afraid of snowglobes.
And if you like listening to movies as you watch them, then boy are you in for a treat. Each week we’ll be showcasing a new movie soundtrack, bringing you back to all those magic moments. From the optimistic tunes of “Back to the Future”, to the bleak, hallowed reverberations of “Back to the Future Part II”, listen in each week for a new movie and a new listening experience.
Cut…print…that’s a wrap…