Absolutely NOTHING to do with Ectoplasms!

From the folk that brought you – “A Night in with Cameron & Alex” comes a brand new show about airing grievances and reminiscing about the good old times.

A brand new show in 2 parts.

Hosted by the always effervescent Alex Cappelli with a slew of truly tremendous guest hosts.

Part 1 (1st Hour): Grumpy old Men – Everything that’s annoying, plus weekly featured music artist fighting against the mainstream pop monster. Comprising many segments starting with sentences like, “How annoying is…” and “I’m so sick of…”

Part 2 (2nd Hour): The Nostalgic Hour of Power – Music and other such tidbits and discussions that envoke nostalgic memories of our childhood. Including many segments starting with sentences like, “Remember when…” and “How awesome was…”

Also weekly segments such as:

Controversial Jim (Jim’s controversial thought of the day)
Bill and Daves Amazing Adventures (Episodic Radio Play in 12 parts)
Billy at the Sports Desk (Random sport fact for the week)
And ad breaks created by the hosts for companies we all wish existed.
Just to be clear, this show has little, if anything, to do with ectoplasms and is not recommended for cell biology enthusiasts. It has nothing to do with non-granulated parts of a cell’s cytoplasm. The show however does contain themes discussed in a comedic light that may offend (unintentionally).