Debate-centred program ‘Antithesis’ provides listeners with intelligent, contrasting views on subjects relevant to young people in popular culture with help from guests, vox pops, ripper music and a dollop of comedy!
Issues featured in past season include: which 2012 apocalypse prediction appears the most valid? Does postmodern media destroy originality? How has the idea of family shifted in the past century? Is religion still a relevent metanarrative? And do aging rock stars put on a good show, or should they stay in their oxygen bars?
Presenters Kathleen and Lachlan provide two very different perspectives and try to refrain from throwing things. They also have impeccable music taste. Antithesis listeners should expect anything from funk to thrash metal.
Tune in Wednesday mornings 3 – 4pm for a unique kind of banter, the exciting, strange ‘Little Enchanters’ comedy sketches, plus the segment devoted to the wild, wacky or just plain tasteless – Flop Culture!

We hope you enjoy the ride.