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Behind the Scene

Behind the Scene is an informative music history show with a focus on music from outside of the Anglosphere. The show explores the history of genres and sub-cultures: how they formed, how they develop, and how they’re remembered.

Listen to Behind The Scene Tuesdays 8-9PM throughout December and January on SYN 90.7FM (Melbourne/Naarm + Geelong/Djilang), DAB+ and online at syn.org.au.

Episode 1: City Pop, Pt. 1 – New Music, cassettes & discotheques | YouTube playlist
Episode 2: City Pop, Pt. 2 – Techno Kayo, terrible television & Tiktok revival | YouTube playlist
Episode 3: Shibuya-kei | YouTube playlist
Episode 4: Korean Rock, Pt. 1 – Shin Jung-hyeon, Sanullim, & some other bands | YouTube playlist
Episode 5: Korean Rock, Pt. 2 – 90s to present: Hongdae Indie | YouTube playlist
Episode 6: Kpop (with Lisha and Ethan from Asian Pop Nation) | YouTube playlist