On Air


Beneric Sound

So, what is this all about then? If I have one goal in this show I would say with conviction that wanna get the people excited! Excited about music and the infinite amounts of associated and less associated reasons to smile and experience the world around us with objectivity and awe. 

To put it in poem form:

I am here to encourage the inflation of a generation infatuated with conversation and the elimination of hesitation in the wake of personal confrontation. We live in an age of digital creation spurring mass inclination to select a situation with infinite information for every person across every nation. Comprehending this idea fills most with amazement, but we forget our real lives take place with two feet on the pavement. So today and in the future when you are after a solid chat, lower superficial distractions and lift your gaze up from your lap. Join me and explore – it will be chaos galore, because I never bring a map.