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Business Talks

If you’ve ever considered starting your own business venture – whether it’s as a side business or a full-time gig – what better way than to learn from someone whose starting their own business as we speak (literally!)
So here’s your chance to snag some awesome tips and inside knowledge on how you might be able to get started!

Tune in to SYN Nation’s “Business Talks” holiday show airing every Thursday from 5 pm (4th -25th Jan) with Nurul Driver to hear what young potential and current business owners are doing to reach their goals in the business world.

Episode 1
4th January, 2018
In this segment I talk to upcoming entrepreneur, Tony Shih, about his journey so far in starting his own medical practice

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Episode 2
11th January, 2018
In this segment, you’ll hear me talk about the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz and how he mentions some of the excuses people use to stop themselves from achieving their dreams and how to kick those excuses. I also talk about some handy resources high school and university students and graduates could use to start their own ventures.

the magic of thinking big

Episode 3
18th January, 2018
In this segment, I highlighted some of the differences of thinking like a “Petty Thinker” vs. a “Big Thinker” from the book ” The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz and how to assess yourself using a checklist from his book.


Episode 4
25th January, 2018
In Business Talks’ Season Finale, I talked to two well established businesses: Bistro Morgan’s 16 year old Morgan Hipworth and Undrground Collective Media’s 22 year old Vince Leong & 23 year old Emmanuel Baria about how and why they decided to go into business and some of the challenges they’ve encountered along the way. They shared advice and a key ingredient into getting started in your very own business venture.
You can check them out here:
Bistro Morgan: Facebook & Instagram
Undrground Collective Media: Facebook & Instagram