Dark Horse

‘He said / she said journalism’ is everywhere today. ‘This Minister says that, his counterpart says this,’ seems to pass as the whole story, but that’s never the case. Underneath the sound bites are facts left unchecked, data ignored and research never done.┬áDark Horse brings you a comprehensive take on the big stories, looking overseas to matters lightly covered locally and explaining new policies.

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Gay Marriage and the Freedom to Choose

The ACT’s Marriage Equality Act was only active for five days, with Australia’s first same-sex wedding held at 12.01AM on Saturday 7th […]

Holden, General Motors & The ‘Perfect Storm’

This week, Prime Minister Tony Abbott annouced the commonwealth will give $60m to help Holden workers cope with their company leaving Australia.General […]

Gambling – a health issue, or a gaming issue?

The Coalition has annouced plans to cut back on recommended and legislated gambling reforms, allowing the industry to move more into self-regulation.One […]