Digital Voices, Digital Rooms: Engaging VCAL Students through media and digital communication

Every week SYN works with students from across Victoria to make radio, TV and digital media.  The hands-on and immediate nature of media making offers VCAL students engaging and meaningful platforms to communicate their ideas and experiences.

Similar to the Media Learning workshops that SYN offers to schools, this workshop will provide some hands-on experience making short vodcasts using portable digital recorders and basic video editing software.   From brainstorming through to the final editing process, we will take you through all of the steps to creating quality online video that engages students to achieve a number of VCAL outcomes through the use of digital media.

Throughout the 2011 VALA conference you will see a small group of dedicated VCAL students with digital recorders reporting on the conference for their live blog on using skills and tools from SYN’s Vodcast and Podcast workshops.  The student blogs and the workshop vodcasts will be made available after the conferences on for you and your students to use to reflect and report on the conference.  

Have a look at what they have done in their training at
We will be making a very fast and simple vodcast based on the SYN Vodcast Workshop.

SYN’s online workshop resources take you through all of the steps to creating your own vodcast including video tutorials on shooting, presenting, editing and uploading your vodcasts.