Dilconceived Notions

One hour of pure ear candy…that is if candy tasted like Vegemite mixed with curry powder, handed to you from a metaphorical dodgy van by Dil Ruk – Sri Lankan born accountant by day and stand-up comedian by night (note: he wasn’t born an accountant…that just would’ve been weird).

Join him while he adjusts to his newly acquired Australian citizenship and life outside the corporate world, and hear his discussions that penetrate Melbourne’s young stand-up comedy scene (all consensual of course).

Guests may include a number of up and coming stand up comedians (or just one bloke who’s good at changing his voice) and topics may vary from “The effect of superstitions on your manicure” to “Why the pickup line ‘Kiss me, I’m now an Australian’ is not effective, especially at the immigrations counter.

Every Sunday from 4pm-5pm on SYN 90.7 FM.