Doc O’Clock

Each episode of Doc O’Clock will be entertaining and educating, looking at a range of different documentaries and containing insightful interviews with people involved in the documentary world.
As as aspiring documentary filmmaker myself, the idea came from the release of a list of the 25 best documentaries over made – and my realisation that I’d seen only 3 of them. The show will feature a review and discussion of three documentaries each week (from the list, and supplemented by some of my favourites).
. Rather than concentrate on the technical side of the documentaries, it will be the subject that will be discussed more so and listeners will be encouraged to message in their opinions, questions and comments.
As well as the three reviews for each show, there will be an interview with someone who is involved in the documentary world – whether it is a filmmaker, film expert or educator.    Another segment will also be a ‘behind the scenes’ where we will look at some documentary techniques that have allowed the filmmaker to make it that way.