Ear Vomit

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This show is designed to test the listeners patience and test their perseverance. If you can sit through this show full of abrasive and annoying music then it proves that you are a good human being.
We play a range of music that can be described as annoying (but is still very cool [so no Beyonce, etc etc]).

Some artists we will feature:
John Cale, Zach Hill, John Zorn, Boyd Rice, Shu-de, etc etc

Some segments include ‘When Good Artists Go Bad’, ‘Awful Cover Versions’ and ‘Annoying Instrument of the Week’ [featuring instruments like the theremin, the bicycle (as played by Frank Zappa) and the throat].

Tune in weekly from 9pm tp 10pm 2am on Saturday nights on SYN 90.7FM. And stay tuned to this page, where we will be posting the text messages of the weak listeners, who were unable to endure what we put out there.