Exploding Paella Experiment

It’s like eating a lollipop whole!
Each week tune in to explore a different era of your mind, the mind you never thought you had before, the mind that was never opened until it came into a steam-train-like conflict with a radio show that broadcasts from the future into the past. That’s what this show is. Pretty sweet, huh?
Join George, Ebony, Robbie and Dave the soundman for spenticulous, nutty and banana basket-y adventures that not even the poorly meshed fabric of time can contain. There’ll be times so memorable you won’t be able to remember them because they wouldn’t have even happened yet. The soundtrack alone will make you kick yourself, or the closest male to you, in the balls.
So stock up your freezer with Crying Genus Meat as you bunker down and hibernate throughout the winter in preparation for the delicious punch in the face that is……..Arts Mitten!
PS: I mean Exploding Paella Experiment