Flash in the Pan

Standing huddled in Tattersall’s lane while Melbourne’s fury rains down upon you, you may have wondered to yourself “isn’t there anywhere else?”

Climbing the stairs to Workshop for the umpteenth time only to find that their mulled wine is being sold for eight earth dollars perhaps you wondered what you’ve done to deserve such a rip off. Why hasn’t anybody helped you find the best spiced warm beverage possible?

Face-offs with recipe books, food blogs, fruit, veggies, meat and other produce in the aisles of frighteningly fluorescent supermarkets – plights most of us deal with on a weekly basis. Wondering how to filter through the chaff to get to the cereal?

Flash in the Pan hopes to help you out with these common dilemmas, offering a variety of food related tips and hints: cheap dining alternatives, reviews of recipes, comparison of vegetables, food trends and faux-pas, baking tips, discussion of quirky utensils, ideas for student meals (that aren’t ramen noodles), product reviews.. and general food discussion! What could be tastier?