Further Than Forever

POST THRONES BOOGIE                                      An Open Letter to the late night radio listener/curious browser/future friend, Hello late night radio listener/curious browser/future friend, My name is will and I am now hosting a show at 11pm on Monday nights on SYN.I may have some guests on, but probably not. i will mainly play future jazz, non future jazz, private press psych, and then whatever else i want to BECAUSE ITS MY SHOW AND IT ISN’T YOURS. If you would like to get in contact with me about enjoying my program and or discussing things like music and or the latest game of thrones episode, which i will have just watched so it will be all i care about during my show,then text in.or email me at [email protected]you can also send me music at that email if you ar einterested in submiting music for play on other shows at SYN.