Get Growing

Growing your own vegies is a bit of a hot topic right now but often media about it is aimed at home-owners and people with plenty of money to head down to the nursery with. I’d prefer to show kids whose parents won’t give them free roam of the garden and renters whose landlord thinks a concrete backyard is best that there are still plenty of gardening options and ways to grow your own food.
On the show:
In the Garden this week: What to plant, pull out, feed, train, etc that week of the growing season.
From the experts: Interviews with design experts, horticulturists, nursery owners/workers, community gardeners, guerrilla gardeners, kitchen gardeners, etc.
Bush Tucker: Indigenous plants that will grow easily and how to eat them.
Penny pinchers: How to get things for free or for very little money.  
The Harvest: What’s being pulled out of the garden that week, how to prepare it and some favourite recipes to use it.
Guest gardener: A Melbourne gardener telling us about their garden, how they got started, challenges, favourite plants.
The vibe: Casual, informative but not preachy. Lots of upbeat music, nothing too loud, poppy or crashy, more the kind of music you want to sit around a farmhouse or an outdoors festival with. A touch of roots or folk. Some old stuff, some new stuff, hopefully plenty of Melbourne bands.
About me: I’m a passionate vegie gardener who has coaxed vegies from pots in concrete backyards and on windowsills. I’m not a trained expert, but I have a lot of experience and I believe in getting the best advice from the best people with interviews.
Feel free to leave a comment below if there’s a particular gardening topic you would like covered on the show.
Podcasts of each show (minus my fantastic music choices) are posted every Thursday.
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