SYN 90.7

Breaking Bread with Gus & Ed

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Graphic Content is a new program run by young design and creative industry professionals that speaks to experienced industry figures about their personal experiences in practise, and their earlier careers. Opportunities, issues, and insights for young people will be discussed, with the aim of creating a base of knowledge out of practical evidence and experience.The informal, conversational tone of the show looks to demystify many of the more opaque elements of beginning, undertaking, and succeeding at working in design and creative practise. Interspersed with the interview are songs of the interviewees choosing, which speak to a moment in time of their work and practise.
The show is presented and run by Boyd and Greer Hellier Knox, a brother and sister team living, working and studying in Melbourne. Boyd works at Wood Marsh Architecture, while undertaking his Masters of Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design. Greer does freelance graphic design work in cultural and commercial sectors, while undertaking her Bachelor of Communication Design. We are passionate about design and creative fields, and our drive to create this program comes from an appreciation and desire to engage with significant figures in their respective fields.