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Crowdfunding. It’s the new way creative projects get made. 

However, after a few years of trial and error, is it living up to the hype? Is it really that easy an alternative? What are the pros and cons?

Join Dave, Cassie, Lindi and a variety of other contributors as they bring you the best (and the rest) of the crowdfunding sphere, introduce you to music that you can further explore and crowdfund, speak of rewards and disaster stories and so much more.


PLUS: hear a half-hour live band set RIGHT from the SYN Studios! Sweet-as tunes for your Sunday afternoons.


Hashtag #OnSYN: 1.30-3pm Sunday afternoons. Tune in on 90.7 FM, Digital or online at http://syn.org.au


Listen to a playlist of past shows here: http://snack.to/ahploafi

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