Hot Pot

A funny, satirical Asian and local current affairs show about everyday life. Presented to you by Mabel and Mike!
Tune in every Saturday (Season 3 2010) 3.30pm-4.30pm on Melbourne’s SYN 90.7FM.
To tune in, turn on Melbourne radio to SYN 90.7FM. Or stream at
What We Serve You:

  • The latest in local and asian culture from asian perspectives – AND with an AZN Twist!
  • Segements such as Hot Pot’s Pot Luck, Hot Pot’s Sports and Hot Pot’s Hot Hots. We dish up weird happenings in the week, stir up sports and taste today’s latest products/trends, all on a funky modern asian-style platter.
  • Piping hot asian music and smooth English R&B music.

What We Love:

  • The asian community, YOU and everyone who tunes in!
  • Song requests!
  • Drop us a message during the show at 04 27 767 767 or FREE web message at Feel free to call in too at 99259907. Or swing by and join our Facebook Group: Hot Pot and say whatever you wanna say! 

    Hot Pot FB Group at!/group.php?gid=310723599358