Its Eurovision

It’s Eurovision

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra.

Hello, Nat and Sam calling! Welcome to It’s Eurovision. Our show was born in 2018 at Burgmann College at the Australian National University (ANU). Our friendship began as we were both wide-eyed first years bursting with passion for the world’s greatest and wackiest entertainment show: The Eurovision Song Contest. To maintain the sanity of our other friends and to make a more productive use of our time, we decided to take our invaluable opinions from the dining hall to the radio studio. From the history to the politics, from the sequins to the songs, we cover it all. After three years, the passion is as strong as ever and we are looking forward to everything ahead with Woroni Radio and SYN Media.

Listen to It’s Eurovision Sunday afternoons from 2pm on SYN.

Hello, I’m Nat Johnstone, a Law and Policy student at the ANU, but maybe more importantly, a co-host of It’s Eurovision. I grew up in the Barossa Valley in South Australia and moved to Canberra in 2018 for my studies. I first watched Eurovision in 2012 on the recommendation of a family friend. Over the next few years at high school, I converted many more to the marvellous Eurovision fandom. The yearly highlight was of course a sleepover in my loft where we watched 10+ hours of that year’s competition. I have been so lucky to have met a kindred spirit in Sam and to have had this great experience in student radio. It’s been a true highlight of my time at uni and cemented a friendship for life.

G’day, I’m Sam Lee an International Relations student at the ANU, originally from Sydney, and co-host of It’s Eurovision. I first got into Eurovision as an eight year old when my dad gave me ABBA’s Greatest Hits album. I soon discovered that ABBA won the contest, was instantly hooked by it, and the rest is history. My favourite Eurovision entries include “Waterloo,” Loreen’s “Euphoria” and Dami Im’s “Sound of Silence.” My biggest dream is to see Eurovision live, especially if it is held in Sweden or Poland. Doing It’s Eurovision with my dear friend Nat has been a fantastic experience, and I can’t wait to continue sharing our knowledge, opinions and love of the contest.