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Just Good Friends

From the makers of SYN’s seasonal comedy programme ‘Something Completely Different’ comes a wildly imaginative show, full of wacky shenanigans and strictly platonic fun. Nick Mason and his esteemed guests are.., Just Good Friends.


The show aims to dissect the petty, pedantic and pedestrian elements of life as we all love and loathe it. It shuns the big issues, instead presenting a sideways look at the world. Whatever happened to the Milky Bar Kid? Would you pay cash for cuddles? Who would you trust in a post-apocalyptic nightmare? Whatever the non-issue – whatever neglected news story of the week – this show has it covered. It’s a blended puree of panel show antics, offbeat affairs and straight-up comedy… mmm, delicious! 


Just Good Friends follows an old axiom – ‘expect the unexpected’ – striving to entertain and present a fresh, new experience with each episode. You can forget hearing the same old songs and tedious segments well past their use-by date: the show constantly mutates, electrifying the airwaves with ingenuity and light-entertainment. Nick Mason, a renowned arts/music journalist, a critical and charismatic anchor, will host a revolving door of offbeat segments and oddball guests. Of course, Just Good Friends will indulge in the usual mix of chat and music we’ve come to enjoy of radio over the years, but you can expect Mason to put his own spin on proceedings. Just Good Friends seeks to stake its claim as a unique comedy programme with cult-following potential.