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Lab Rats with Nicholas and Alayna is the seasonal show about SCIENCE on SYN Nation. We talk about news and recent discoveries in the science sector! We have interviews with real research scientists who do the work discovering things about the world! We explain scientific ideas, knowledge, and concepts without the technical jargon!

Show segments include:

  • Science News of the Week! We keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of science, especially in Australia. Many thanks to the Science Media Exchange for providing the materials for many of the stories that we showcase on air.
  • Our Weekly Main Segments! Nicholas interviews a researcher for a wealth of knowledge. Hear something explained by an actual scientist. Alayna reads into an interesting topic and explains it in an interesting way.
  • Fun Facts! Learn some notable bite-sized facts about fascinating parts of our world. Easy to remember and understand, so you can share them whenever you feel like it. Share them over the dinner table, over the phone, on the train, at your job, or shout them to random strangers in the street!
  • Question of the Week! Alayna tasks Nicholas with finding the answer to a scientific question. Send questions that you want answered to our Twitter.

Find Episodes here!

  1. Meteorology and the Weather
  2. Astronomy and the Cosmos
  3. Genetics and Behavioural Ecology
  4. Nutrition and the Vegan Diet
  5. Human Evolution
  6. Biotechnology
  7. Neurology and the Brain
  8. Marine Biology and Sea Creatures
  9. Bugs, Insects, and Entomology
  10. Dinosaurs!

Our show’s theme show was kindly provided by Dr. Paul Sandery, an oceanographer and ocean modeller by day and musician by night. You can find his content here.

You can find more content by Nicholas at CloudCuckooCountry.