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Life. With a Side of Fries.


Our show is about Life… With a Side of Fries. (If you haven’t worked that out already).


Years and years ago, in a vale filled with green, a little girl (who shaved her legs) and another little girl (who slapped her for it) bonded over a bowl of chips. Therein blossomed a carbohydrate companionship that would last them a lifetime. 


That might not tell you much about this show. But it does tell you a little bit about us.


Meet Archie & Tigs.


We don’t claim to be experts on life but we sure as hell look forward to living it. On air. With you. (and also talking about it a little). 

If you want to know what life-related topics we will be uncovering, you’ll just have to tune in Sunday Nights at 10pm on SYN 90.7FM. And grab your favourite potato dish because uncovering life’s secrets (and listening to our voices) is always better with a side of fries. 



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