New and Approved Hosts


It’s time to put a face to the lovely voices behing New and Approved‘s beautiful presenters.



Charles perhaps one of the more attractive males at SYN. Sneaking under the radar starting out on Get Cereal he made his way up the SYN presenting ladder to New and Approved in the third season. Since then he’s been the 17th person on the moon, cured narcoleptic sufferers and discovered a small island off the coast of Melbourne… NBD.



As a lover of music and a childhood spent recording dodgy tapes from the radio and never pausing quite in time to block out the actual radio hosts voice, it is very fitting that now, in possible adulthood that I have a spot on the radio.
As a liver and lover of music as well as having a keen interest in international cultures, a spot on New & Approved beckoned me.
When I’m not at SYN I can be found nerding it up university in the Product Design Engineering facilities as I graduate in December! …Although where I would rather be found is in the sun with fantastic music, friends and a chilled delicious beverage.



Never one to be able to think of quirky introductions, I am quite simply Tegan- a brand, shiny new host for New and Approved on Thursdays! Very, very excited to be gracing your ears for the very first time on radio, I have also worked on Syn’s 1700 music program and am now trying my wares on the old wireless. Having finished my university degree in Media, I know like to spend my days hanging around television and radio stations to try and get a real job! No really, I have an upmost sincere love for music and enjoy talking about it, listening to it, watching it and of course discovering it, and will do my best to share this love with one and all on New and Approved!



A student media aficionado and refugee from western Victoria, Tim has never presented radio before and hopes that his first time is fun and not too painful. He is an arts student, and no, this doesn’t mean that he does painting and drawing. Though, he did once write a rather rad essay about David Bowie. Unsurprisingly, such arts-ness means that Tim needs to get a real job, but it’s OK: between hosting New and Approved and writing a television column, he’d like to think that he can still contribute to society in a meaningful way. Speaking of television, Tim spends much of his spare time watching it; particularly bad-taste programming such as Judge Judy and Survivor. Don’t be scared though – his music taste is much more palatable. He fancies a rock-pop-electro combo including Mates of State, Arcade Fire, The New Pornographers, Matt and Kim and Patrick Wolf and he looks forward to imposing some of this onto Tuesday night listeners of New and Approved.



Nina, similar to her co-host Sam is an indie babe (see ABOVE), sounds like melting chocolate on-air and managed to work her experience at SYN into her media course. Is she smart or what?



Sam is an Indie babe. She’s got florence and the machine wild hair, wear glasses (see ABOVE) rocks some knarly tats and can pull of a nose
ring like no ones business. PEACE!




Georgia is an ex-special ops expert who retired from her career of extremes and settled down and chose life as a teenage girl. Her preferred environment is the Melbourne CBD and is most commonly found on the train network. Easily attracted to anything shiny she is usually seen wearing sequins or playing with CD’s and her career includes playing in more than *3 bands. As she waits patiently to turn 18 so she can see all the live music she can handle she settles for spending her evenings designing hallmark event cards and writing rap songs. She now has committed herself to bringing you the latest new music and rockin your Thursday afternoons. However she still remains the toughest kid out.

Hand picked by EP Lexie Lagerwey after hearing Liz and Georgia on a Sunday afternoon SYN show Liz helps keep the under-ager section of New and Approved up to date. Not only that but she could tell you the plot of any recent blockbuster in under three words – she gets into the cinema for 50cents! WTF.


EP of New and Approved, Jack, met Adam just yesterday… Four weeks into the season. So far he is the clown of the group, has a more intense English accent when he’s on air with Kate, could talk for more than four days without water and has a thing about couch cushions…
Wrapped up with a bow and an authentic English accent Kate is a gift from honorary-Brit Kylie Minogue sent to bemuse Melburnians and promote the mighty Oasis down under. She was born on a desert island near a camel crossing and juggled riding camels to school with recording several EPs in Glastonbury with a band of friends. Alas over the years this declined from guitar to Goth music and all evidence of black eyeliner is safely locked away with witnesses last seen in 2008 (the year of all music festival calendar cock-ups when Jay-Z was blown off course and came adrift at Glastonbury). As official as an English ambassador can get without the pay check or Eton school tie credentials Kate solemnly declares to spin across the airwaves of SYN the best that British music has to offer. Catch Kate and her lovely voice every Monday night on New and Approved.