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With new segments for 2015, On the Street caters to buskers and street sounds, Remix Tape handpicks reworks of songs you love and The/Cut is the honest review at the weekly International Feature Album.

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Latest Shows


New & Approved: Cub Sport IV (26.08.16)

Following their massive world tour, Tim from Cub Sport joined Rhys before their sold out Melbourne show for a quick catch up […]


New & Approved: Ainslie Wills IV (19.08.16)

In anticipation of her performance at NGV’s Art Party Ainslie Wills gave Rhys and Jack a call to discuss song writing and […]


New & Approved: 19.08.16 Playlist

Amy Shark – Adore Hanni El Khatib – Mondo and His Makeup  Florence and the Machine – Too Much is Never Enough Cymbals Eat Guitars – […]