Woroni Radio

No News Is Good News

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra. No News Is Good News is a news show with a twist of comedy presented by Aleyn Silva and Coquohalla Connor. NNGN focuses on the big stories of the week, aiming to bring all views of the issue together in order to analyse them. NNGN’s purpose is to provide quality and humorous content for students to stay informed about global affairs. NNGN aims to make the news digestible so that our listeners are well informed to make up their own mind on the issues that matter.

Listen to No News Is Good News Tuesday mornings from 9am on SYN.

Coquohalla is in her third year of an Arts degree at ANU, majoring in International Relations, and her
first year of a Journalism Degree at UC. From a young age, she has adored ABC News and been informed on what’s going on. She loves Politics and International Affairs and dissecting both sides of political debate. In her spare time, she occasionally writes for the ANU Magazine ‘Woroni’ and The ANU Women’s Department magazine ‘Bossy’. She has a monthly column in UC Magazine’s ‘Curieux’.

Aleyn is in her final year of a double degree in International Security and Arts at ANU. Aleyn is a huge comedy fan, such as the comedy news of Trevor Noah and the comedy music such as Bo Burnham and the Lonely Island. She cares about politics, feminism and racial equality. She is currently the cultural sub-editor at Woroni and editor at Sweet and Sour zine. Previously she was the Interview sub-editor at BOSSY. She has also contributed to BOSSY, Woroni and Sweet and Sour.