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Only 2020 Kids Will Remember This

In the summer of 2020, one SYN announcer was excited about the year ahead. As we banded together through a horrendous summer, and amidst the backdrop of a climate emergency, there was a feeling of change in the air. He was so optimistic, in fact, that he shared his optimism on the airwaves for all of Melbourne to hear. How could it be any worse than 2019?, he thought.

Yeah, about that.

To repent for his sins, and with a particular emphasis on his lack of transferable skills, Jake Stevens returns to SYN each Saturday from 6pm for Only 2020 Kids Will Remember This, playing mixtapes for months gone by. Listen back to 12 months of music through a new, hand-crafted playlist each week for 12 weeks.

As always, he’s after your help. Share your favourite songs or memories of the year by leaving a voicemail at the Only 2020 Kids Facebook page, or connect with the show on social media, and he’ll promise not to mention the pandemic.


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