Pimp Your Page: a SYN Media Learning Workshop

We are going to use this page to learn how schools can use Web 2.0 to get the most out of SYN.org.au
All schools that participate in our Schools on Air programs, Podcast and Vodcast Workshops can have their own page on SYN.org.au where you can upload your own podcasts, videos, photos and blog posts.
Some examples of Schools that use Web 2.0 to enhance their program page:.

Parade College Preston Schools on Air
Kingswood College Podcasts
Roxburgh College Podcast and Vodcast Workshops
Getting started with your page on SYN.org.au

All Schools Programs are provided with a user login for SYN.org.au that is given producer privileges for your page.  This means that you can log in and update your page with photos, audio and videos.  If you would like to give students access to edit and update the page, we can also set up a generic student login.  If you would like students to interact on SYN.org.au via the comments section we can give them all individual logins.
We will add images, audio and video to this page.
Check out this helpful video about how to add podcasts to your school’s page.
If you want to learn more about editing out the music from your Schools on Air show so that you may can podcast it check out these useful videos.