Play it Again, Sam (but Fast! and Bulbous)

Play it Again, Sam (but Fast! and Bulbous).
Text in with requests and comments and I’ll do my best to play them (provided it’s in the spirit of Jazz and Blues).
Regular segments will be:
Same/Different where I take one song and play three or four different versions of it and you have the chance to SMS your vote for favorite version.
Beat Poet Showcase where I showcase a different figure in Beat Poetry and discuss the movement.
Artist Profiles where I take one artist and throughout the show provide background information and take you through his music over the course of each 2 hour episode.
The show is named after the most mis-quoted line in cinema history; from Casablanca. It is also a reference to the Woody Allen play of the same name where his character talks about artists such as Oscar Peterson. The final reference is to Captain Beefheart. I am going to be playing artists who make music in the spirit of jazz but no necessarily artist you think of when you first hear the word.
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