Radio Star

Radio Star is an Australian first – a live, weekly reality show on radio in which nine brave media makers, all under the age of 26, are given a weekly theme and then challenged to make the best radio show possible! Each week, our judges will aircheck each team live on air, before scoring the teams on creativity, technical proficiency, presenting flair, hitting the target audience, and sticking to the theme. 


Over the weeks, contestants will be eliminated, and eventually the finalists will have to work together – while at the same time competing against each other! In the end, only one will be called the winner of Radio Star.


Radio Star isn’t just a radio show, though; you can track the contestants planning their show and interact with the contestants in real time, with live video updates on Instagram, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.



Travis Butler is a SYN radio presenter, producer and radio trainer, and doubles as host and executive producer of Radio Star. Starting at SYN in 2005 at the age of fifteen, he’s been part of some of SYN’s biggest shows, including breakfast program Get Cereal, and X Factor Australia fan show idolthreat. He says of Radio Star, “I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity of these contestants each week… but mostly, I’m looking forward to claiming the hours to TV I watch each week are research so I can do my very best Jeff Probst (Survivor) impression during the live aircheck meeting each week.”



Tim Hammond is a SYN radio presenter, producer and radio trainer. He was recognised earlier this year as Trainer of the Year at the 2013 SYN Awards, and has won over scores of school groups and radio newbies alike with his quirky style and effervescent personality.


The Station

SYN is a media organisation run by a community of young people that provides training and broadcast opportunities for young Australians. Earlier this year, SYN celebrated ten years on air, and is the largest youth-run media organisation in Australia.