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Represent – Tuesday 5-6PM

Representing young people in the world of government, parties, and parliaments, Represent is SYN’s flagship politics program.

Instagram: @synrepresent

For more info or to join the program, contact Represent’s Executive Producer;
Bridie Golding – [email protected]

For more info, or to join the show, email Represent’s Executive Producer.

Bridie Golding – [email protected]

Facebook: @synrepresent
Instagram: @synrepresent
Twitter: @synrepresent

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Sammy J on Political Clowns and Clowning Politicians

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Represent website resized (1365 × 768 px)

Represent Youth Debate | State Election 2022

Join Mimi, Bridie and George as they moderate Represent’s first live debate.


Represent – Interview with Youth Minister Ros Spence

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