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Right on Track – A Thomas Podcast

Right on Track is a podcast devoted to the book and TV series, Thomas the Tank Engine and The Railway Series.

For as long as they can recall, Connor, Denham and Parry have been life-long fans of Thomas. In each podcast episode, the hosts review and look back on classic stories from the cult classic TV show as well as making reference to the original book series, and why it still holds up so highly regarded in the more senior Thomas fandom today.


The first series of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends started airing on 9th October 1984 in the UK. Ringo Starr narrated all twenty-six episodes in the UK, later re-narrating twenty-five in the US for Shining Time Station. George Carlin later re-narrated the entire series for the US.

Every episode in Series 1 was based on a story by the Rev. W. Awdry, with the exception of an episode written by the staff, Thomas’ Christmas Party, the book based on said episode being commissioned by the staff so as to have every episode in print form first. The stories were adapted for television by Britt Allcroft and David Mitton. The seven engines introduced in this series became the core of the cast in later series.

So climb aboard and join Connor, Denham and Parry as they go “right on track” to journey Thomas and his friends through the years!


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