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Right on Track – A Thomas The Tank Engine Podcast

Right on Track is a podcast devoted to the book and TV series, Thomas the Tank Engine and The Railway Series.

For as long as they can recall, Connor, Denham and Parry have been life-long fans of Thomas. In each podcast episode, the hosts review and look back on classic stories from the cult classic TV show as well as making reference to the original book series, and why it still holds up so highly regarded in the more senior Thomas fandom today.

The first series of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends started airing on 9th October 1984 in the UK. Ringo Starr narrated all twenty-six episodes in the UK, later re-narrating twenty-five in the US for Shining Time Station. George Carlin later re-narrated the entire series for the US.


Every episode in Series 1 was based on a story by the Rev. W. Awdry, with the exception of an episode written by the staff, Thomas’ Christmas Party, the book based on said episode being commissioned by the staff so as to have every episode in print form first. The stories were adapted for television by Britt Allcroft and David Mitton. The seven engines introduced in this series became the core of the cast in later series.

Unbeknownst to the public eye, the little blue tank engine and all his friends have earned themselves a prominent following of an older fandom, from those who have a deep appreciation for the original books, the real-life railway historical events that inspired the stories, to the models used to create the television show.

Each episode of Right On Track includes a review of a collection of episodes, a musical interlude which features musicians making their own Thomas ditty covers, and sometimes a guest host who may be someone well known in the Thomas community.

So climb aboard and join Connor, Denham and Parry as they go “right on track” to journey Thomas through the years!

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The Hosts:


Year Started at SYN: 2016

Other shows: Amplify, Flying Fedoras

Favourite Engines: Oliver and Rusty

Favourite Season: Four

Favourite Episodes: Escape, Duncan and the Old Mine & The Christmas Coffeepot

Favourite Special: The Great Discovery

Favourite RWS Book: Enterprising Engines

Connor’s journey by rail started like many others, with a bag of hand-me-downs from his older sister. This featured a few toys and a collection of 1980s VHS tapes of Thomas the tank engine and friends. His interest grew as he saw a Chinese dragon appear on-screen as an ad, and when he watched Rusty & the Boulder whilst he was getting his haircut at Babies-R-Us. Connor also has an intense interest in theatre and media, which is how he got involved in the Right On Track Podcast. Starting at SYN in 2016 Connor has contributed to teen-talk show ‘Flying Fedoras’ and drive-home show ‘Amplify.’



Year Started At SYN: 2017

Other Shows: Art Smitten, Get Cereal, Film 101

Favourite Engines: Henry and BoCo

Favourite Season: Five

Favourite Episode: Put Upon Percy

Favourite Book: Gordon the Big Engine

For as long as he can remember, Parry has been an avid fan of Thomas the Tank Engine – no doubt because of his father, a librarian and train buff. Parry has held many interests and passions since childhood, ranging from Super Smash Bros to Top Gear, but his love of Thomas & Friends remains strong. He can often be heard professing his love for the early seasons, and wondering aloud where BoCo went. Parry is also a cinephile, sharing his thoughts about movies on the Film 101 podcast and his personal blog, One Large Popcorn, Please! He has previously contributed reviews to SYN Media, The Iris and YO Bendigo.




Year Started At SYN: 2018

Other Shows: Get Cereal, Art Smitten

Favourite Engines: Gordon and Duck

Favourite Season: Three

Favourite Episodes: Break Van

Favourite Special: The Great Race

Favourite RWS Book: Mountain Engines

Born and raised by Emperor Penguins in Antartica, Denham spends his time clogging around Brunswick looking for the perfect cafe and bar. His love for all things Thomas came to him one mysterious evening when a ghostly figure visited his childhood home and gifted him an ERTL model of Percy, which intrigued him to discover more. He then made the correlation when he saw the TV episode ‘Percy Runs Away’ and has followed the series since. Aside from the paranormal activity, Tom expresses his love for Thomas The Tank Engine by illustrating moments from the stories and building an endless model railway. Tom was found on the doorstep of the old SYN house in a basket one stormy evening in 2018 and was raised to produced red hot quality content since.



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