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Round About Midnight

-Playing the songs we love while talking about the things we love to hate-

Ever listened to something that’s so awful? Watched a movie that makes you want to die?


Don’t worry, we know the feeling. In fact, we love it! And we want to talk about it all night long, all night strong.

We’ve spent weeks scouring the bottom rated lists on IMDB and Wikipedia, and have picked out some of the finest crap that you can find in the world of music and film. Stay tuned to hear us pick apart musicians such as The Shaggs and Elvis Presley (yep, that’s right, he wrote some shockers too), and filmic horrors like The Bratz Movie, Foodfight, and everyone’s favorite, The Room.

But don’t worry, it’s not all bad! We’ll also allow you to cleanse your ears with some sweet soft tracks that will fit the late night mood. Covering a wide array of genres, such as Jazz, Electronic and Electronic-Jazz.

Tune into Round About Midnight with Angus and Claire, as we pick apart the best of the worst on Tuesdays at 11pm.

Late night jazz, heart felt tunes, and discussions of the worst of popular culture. 

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Week One Playlist:

Week 2 Playlist:

Week 3 Playlist: