Scholarship In Punk

Welcome to your Scholarship In Punk! This show is designed to do only one thing; Educate and remind the youth of today and past generations of just how important punk music is to this world. It seems to have been forgotten these days, being lumped with metal and hardcore music as if it is just another genre. How wrong that is. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love all genres. Muse are my all time favourite band. And they are HARDLY punk. But it shouldn’t matter what you love as long as you truly love it. And punk needs some lovin’.
Image has taken over music these days, with kids dressing, tattooing, piercing and so on thinking they are so hardcore because they know that band with that song that doesn’t exist and they only play shows in places that aren’t there. *SPIT*!!! When you look at the most influential punk bands starting from the late 60’s to the more recent skater punk music, image was and is nothing. You’ve got Iggy Pop wearing next to nothing at all. Then theres Henry Rollins on stage wearing some crappy t-shirt and baggy pants; baggy pants, remember those? Even I’m a slave to skinny jeans. Then you’ve got The Descendents; Milo is the biggest nerd in the world. He wears glasses. Clear lense glasses. For reading. Not for fashion. Point made.
I’d like to quote Fat Mike of NOFX “Punk music is good music played by bad musicians.” And that is so true. Its fun, fast and we can all relate to the things being said. The riffs and melodies are catchy. A punk gig is a place you can go where nobody cares how much money you have, who you know or what you’re wearing. Everyone is your best friend. And they will buy you a beer. Hell, the BAND will buy you a beer.
So get out your pen and paper because there will be a lot to learn from this show. Enough music to last you a lifetime, or at least 1 really good 7-8 month run for those with iPods (oooo product placement). Cheers