You thought the show finale meant the end. You were wrong.

You thought the new year would keep them off radio. You were wrong.

You thought the radio manager wouldn’t give them a timeslot. Well, that’s partly correct, but it ‘s a complicated situation.

Nick (serial SYN guest/now actual member) and Michael (Michael & Michael/insert plug here) are back on SYN for Summer Block to bring you four brief episodes of vaguely informative and even more vaguely humorous material!

‘Schooled’ is a completely new (probably) programme, bringing you answers to the questions that we know – we just know – you want answered, ranging from the slightly unusual to completely outlandish, then back to things that are just a bit mainstream. Our creativity is not infinite, okay?
So after reading that robust introduction, what with its numerous exclamation marks and whatnot, I bet you’re wondering when we actually go to air. Well, I’m disappointed to tell you that ‘Schooled’ has wrapped up its first set of episodes and is off air, but never fear – there are vague, hazy plans to return the show to the airwaves later in the year!