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Second Thoughts

Everything old is new again with Second Thoughts. This summer, Steven and Birrell look at their, and our, nostalgia.

Casting a critical eye over our relationship with the past, each week Second Thoughts examines issues such as our changing connections with place, re-experiencing previously beloved pop culture, and the growing popularity of remakes, re-imaginings, reunions and comebacks.

Second Thoughts takes us on a trip through 90s and 2000s nostalgia, and how it affects us personally and globally.

Second Thoughts is looking back, with an older eye, on the things that made us, the things we’d rather forget, and why we just can’t (but maybe should) let go of the past.

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Coming real soon!

That’s right, Second Thoughts will be coming your way on Syn 90.7 Fridays between 9pm and 10pm, starting January 9th! If you’ve […]