Shameless Self Promotion

Life’s tough in student media: so much work, so little pay. Wouldn’t it be grand if you could somehow get paid to be a broadcaster, writer or blogger? Paid, like, with MONEY?

We here at Shameless Self Promotion team might not have (relevant) jobs, but we can take you on a journey to figure out how to break into the media industry. Each week, a rotating crew of presenters willl talk to somebody more successful than ourselves from the radio, TV, print or online mediaholes.

We’ll ponder topics like how you can get people to read your blog, how to pretend that you’re skilled despite a total lack of experience and how to shamelessly self promote. We’ll even award a Shameless Self Promoter trophy* each week.

Get famous without taking your clothes off: tune into Shameless Self Promotion every Saturday from 4pm to 5pm on SYN Radio: 90.7 FM, or stream it online.

*trophy is imaginary