No, it’s not a show about Ricky Martin and his legacy to garish music.
It’s she-bangs. As in female bangs. You know, she-wolf, she-man. You get the gist.

Sporting their sleek and sexy fringes, Chelsea McIver and Yasemin Scott will take you on a musical (and hopefully hilarious) journey that celebrates music on the other side of popular – music on the verge, unknown artists, and the lesser-understood aspects of music.
Segments for the show include:
Scene & Heard
A musical education into particular ‘scenes’ in history, and how they have influenced current independent/alternative music. For example, the 90s grunge scene; French lo-fi; and Australian Post-Punk.

Video on the Radio
Ever noticed how awesome the video for ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ by The White Stripes is? Did you know Michel Gondry, director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep was the brains behind this (and a host of other video clips?) There’s much more to know about music videos than what you see. Listen as Yaz, with affirmation from Chelsea, appreciates.
Old vs. New
Fight! Bands come and go, but many modify their sound and change over time. Chasemin/Yelsea discuss the transition of the ‘old’ artist to the ‘new’ artist, for better or for worse.
Born from the creative minds of the Mighty Boosh, Chelsea and Yaz showcase their own rhyming and musical skills. Previous numbers include ‘The Search for the Jelly Sandal,’ ‘Fake Tan Fail,’ ‘Have You Got A Valentine?’ and ‘Ballboys and Ballgirls.’