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Smart Casual is a podcast that unpicks fashion’s most ‘unseamly’ issues from an insider-outsider perspective. Whether you consider yourself a fashion fan or not, we’ll encourage you to think a little deeper about the clothes you wear every day. Yes, we have a lot of feelings about clothes. Hosted by Emma Do and Amie Mai.

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E6: Made In China

What does Made in China mean today? For some shoppers, the phrase throws up images of sweatshops and shoddy quality. Yet, luxury […]


E5: Second-hand and Resale is Taking on Fast Fashion

No longer just for students and bargain hunters, the second-hand fashion market could very well outpace fast fashion in the next decade […]

rain dove

E4: We Talk Fashion and Gender

Fashion’s latest infatuation is gender-bending, gender-neutral and unisex clothing. But do clothes even have genders? How do you make gender-neutral clothing? We […]