Strength of Unicorns

 radio shows on student networks and steer frantically into the abyss (or lack thereof), whilst ensuring a degree of professionalism and a top class selection of tunes.

Every Saturday from 4-5pm, you’ll have the opportunity to hear SYN’s current (and ironically only) show on religion – Strength of Unicorns. It’s about atheism. If you don’t understand the title, there’s no need to worry, it’s only from the Bible, and we all know that even the Bible can be a tad confusing.

Each week on the show, the presenter, David Rose, will examine topics and answer texts from the listeners regarding atheism. With subjects as diverse as homosexuality and Harry Potter, there’s something for everybody (although, according to some religious folk, there’s nothing for atheists. Nothing but fire and brimstone…. But we’ll talk about that later.)

Strength of Unicorns is a show that’s not afraid to talk about the big questions.

Tune in to hear the answers.