Subworld is a unique show designed to shed light on the cultures existing outside the usual areas of society, and often right under our noses. From freeganism, bodybuilding and sukeban to hackers and straight edge, subworld offers an informative, yet playful look at where each came from, why it formed, and how you can be a part of it (if you so desire). You will also hear some of the most obscure, even ancient cultures that have popped up throughout history. Teamed with great tunes, interviews and two experenced hosts – Subworld is guaranteed to bring something a bit different to your afternoons at 3!

Latest Shows

Week 9 – Our Grand Finale!

Our very LAST episode has come, seen and conquered, and is now available to listen at your leisure! Kath and Lachlan recap some […]

Week 8 – Melbourne Subcultures

Our dynamic duo Kath and Lachlan are back for another week on SYN, this time having a great old dissection of all […]

Episode 6 – Racing subcultures!

Kathleen takes on another solo episode of Subworld – this time on anything and everything racing! Subworld explores autocross, bosozoku bikers, sidecar racing, […]