The A-Z Sides

Life is full of big questions. Why are we here? How should we live? What is the all-round all-time best letter in our music libraries?
We’re not in the business of shying away from these existential quandries, so each week we’ll be restricting our playlist to one letter. Merit judgements will be made, and listener’s will be called upon to balance out our own biases. 
Which corners of our libraries will be exposed as flop-shops, and which will stand up as hosts of true greats?
A real Alpha Letter will need to survive our rigourous testing procedure – can they show their versatility in producing an urban trunk-rattler? A hyped chillwave tune? An 80’s one-hit-wonder?
We’ll also bring you a littering of aliterated segments, including Flavour of the Week, Hot-off-the-net music news and tour rumours, very special, alphabetically consistent guests, and of course, The Final Judgement – to 2 decimal places.